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Brave’s new Leo chatbot promises private, anonymous AI – but can it compete with ChatGPT and Bing on conversation quality?

Brave AI chatbot Leo featuredBrave is betting that Leo’s focus on privacy will attract users who are wary of other bots logging their chats. (Image: Bahadur)

The AI ​​chatbot space is getting crowded, but Brave is throwing its hat in the ring with the launch of Leo, a new chatbot built directly into the privacy-focused Brave browser. With Leo, Brave aims to differentiate itself by taking advantage of privacy protections that other chatbots lack.

Brave has announced that it is launching leo For all desktop users running version 1.60 of the browser. The chatbot was initially launched for testing in the Nightly channel in August, with plans to expand it to all users in the coming months. Now, the rollout has begun, with the bot coming to more users in the next few days.

In terms of capabilities, Leo meets the expected checklist – you can use it to translate text, answer questions, summarize web pages, and create new content. However, the real strength of Leo is its focus on privacy. Brave claims that chat requests are proxied through an anonymous server, there is no need for an account, and responses are deleted immediately after they are generated.

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“Leo combines this easy, free access to AI with Brave’s privacy focus. Chats with Leo are private, anonymous and secure. Leo does not record chats, or use them for model training, and no account or login is required to use Leo,” Brave said in its announcement.

This is what differentiates Leo from other chatbots Googlebard and Microsoftof Bing Chat, which has more questionable privacy protections. It seems Brave is betting that privacy-conscious users will flock to Leo to avoid having their conversations recorded and analyzed.

By default, powered by Meta’s Llama 2 language model, Leo is free to all Brave users. For $15/month, users can upgrade to Leo Premium to access additional models like Anthropic Cloud, which is optimized for logical reasoning. Premium users also get higher rate limits, priority access during peak times, and early access to new features.

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First published: 03-11-2023 at 13:08 IST

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