Empowering future innovators – St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School

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Earlier today, our year 9 students Had the pleasure of hearing guest speaker James Dell from Apple.

Recipient of four Apple WWDC scholarship awards, James is the founder of Friday Technologies, an app development studio based in Melbourne.

He is a well-known iOS app developer who has created apps like CleanSky and RulAR.

James discussed his career journey, machine learning and advanced technologies, and introduced our students to the Swift Student Challenge, which allows students to showcase their creativity and coding abilities and earn real-world skills through the app Playground. Allows which they can pursue in their career.

This informative session, with Tomorrow’s NXlorers Showcase and presentation by Scott Miller of BOP Industrieswill assist students in making changes in their entrepreneurial journey and prepare them to participate in our award-winning year 10 i3 Program,

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