Everything we know about Xbox Series X: specifications, appearance, and services!!

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Xbox announced the shape and name of its next platform, which was previously known as Project Scarlett during the events of The Game Awards 2019, which usually does not include the disclosure of something of this magnitude either by Sony or Xbox, but it seems to us that Xbox decided Change that rule to get the official look and the first pictures of the next platform: Xbox Series X From here, exclusive interviews and news circulated about the strength and capabilities of this platform, and for all those reasons we collected for you everything we know about Xbox Series X in a comprehensive article, let us go to the details …

The shape

We didn’t know any details about the upcoming Xbox platform, even the developer tool was not leaked, so we never expected that the shape would be announced so quickly and with this image, and when the format was announced for the first time I didn’t really like it and saw it more like a case for the PC literally without any Design Innovations Xbox simply made the geometry look like a box really, but a box that has mighty power!

For some to rest, Phil Spencer stated in one of his interviews that the Xbox Series X can be positioned in a top or horizontal manner for those who like it and in any case, the platform mode will not affect performance at all.

The power of the platform!

Prepare, because you’re about to meet a devastating monster coming next year. According to Phil Spencer, in another interview, the power of the Xbox Series X platform is equal to the power of eight combined platforms from Xbox One, but it is equal to the power of two platforms from Xbox One X and of course, I don’t need to express how strong That platform will own it, and we saw a small handful of what we are coming to during the Game Awards when Phil Spencer introduced the first trailer of the launch game for the platform, Senua’s Saga Hellblade II in a show we could not distinguish between it and the truth and the movies, but it was stated that this show is not Cinematic, but adapted from Xbox Series X engine power directly !!


We come to the part that everyone is waiting for, which is the specifications of that beast monster, for the processor, it will be Custom, octa-core and four times stronger than Xbox One X based on AMD Ryzen Zen 2 and the modern RDNA architecture, unfortunately, we did not get the processor speed in GHz but details will be announced at a time Later, but the meaning of the word Custom here is that the processor was specially built for the platform, that is, it is not available in the market, and therefore we cannot expect the strength that we will get only when we put our hands on it, but what is certain is the following:

For a graphics card or GPU, the Xbox Series X will get 12 teraflops, twice the number in the Xbox One X, and will also be based on the AMD Navi architecture. As for the display resolution that we will get, Xbox promises that its new platform will reach the 4K resolution easily and will not be This accuracy is an obstacle at all, as the power will continue until it reaches 8K resolution also at 120 fps !!! We jumped from 30 frames to 120 and our dream was to play with only 60 frames and thus this is more than we dreamed of, of course

As for the RAM, it will be GDDR6, with a size of 16GB, it will be divided as follows: 3GB for the system and 13GB for games. From what we have experienced and thus you can move your games from the External Hard to the platform faster, for example, the presence of SSD was inevitable and it seems that we will get it finally so they expected a tremendous response speed by the platform and an extraordinary smoothness

Ventilation system and fan shape:

Of course one of the problems of the platforms of the current generation was the very high volume of the fan that was emitting from it and here Phil stated that he tried the platform in his own house and did not issue from the Xbox Series X any sound because the ventilation system is carefully tuned and even resembled the situation that the platform is as if in complete silence and stillness

What interests me is the method of cooling or I can say the shape of the fan system where the platform is designed so that the direction of the fan air is higher and thus the company dispensed with side or lower fans that may hinder the ventilation duct as required and thus affect performance and I admit that this is an excellent step indeed.

Other properties!

We can officially confirm the presence of Ray Tracing in Xbox Series X, as it will support this feature with all the strength, as well as stronger support for Shadows, etc. The platform response rates to orders, both in and out of play, will be much greater due to the presence of the Auto Latency Mode technology or the ALM With DLI or Dynamic Latency Input and these two features, e-sports gamers will be able to compete with the sensitivity and response speed of the mouse among PC players, I will not be certain that they will outperform the Mouse, but there will be a clear difference in response speed.

For xcloud play??

Phil stated that there is no conflict between each of the Xbox Series X with the XCloud, each of them has a specific goal and goal, one will not conflict with the other, therefore we do not see Xbox focus enough on XCloud as it is not considered the only future of gaming certainty as there is a strong platform equivalent to balance XCloud will complement the Xbox Series X for anyone who wants to enjoy Xbox games on any platform, anywhere.

Control is similar to the old platform but!

Many players have noticed that the new console has become smaller in size than that of the Xbox One X but is very similar to the old one if there is no difference from the ground, but it became clear to us when we looked closely at the new control that the new Share button that This is similar to the one on the PS4, through which you will be able to post pictures or clips of you to some games on social networking sites or between your friends.

Available services!

Nothing new, old, or old. The Xbox Series X will be compatible with all existing Xbox services, whether Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, at the same price. Don’t worry about it, just as Backward Compatibility will be without a doubt across all past Xbox platforms Whether Xbox 360 or even Xbox One all games released on these two platforms will be available to play on the new platform without problems.

Xbox game pass new games

Upcoming demos and games!

All we know so far is that Halo Infinite and Senua’s Saga Hellblade II will be available at launch directly and from what we have seen shows for each of them we are on a date with the future, and unfortunately, we do not know what the identity of the upcoming games of the platform except that Xbox Studios is working hard with all its energy for Developing games for Xbox Series X As Phil claimed we will see the largest number of exclusives in the history of the company, let’s look forward to the next!

Price and release date!

The most important paragraph in the eyes of everyone, of course, is the price of the platform, which is information unknown until now and is not circulated as well, but according to our conclusion, we think it will reach a maximum of $ 500 if not at a lower price than that, and we will provide you with all new news regarding this matter. As for the date of issuance, it will be In the festive season in 2020, that is, within a year from now, thus: the countdown will begin

Compete with the PS5!

So far, Sony has not taken its step towards unveiling the potential or shape of the PS5 platform in the light of the anticipation and competition that we are witnessing at the time of the end of the life cycle of both platforms, and the fact is that Sony must take any step in the near future to get players excited at least Otherwise, Xbox will win the advertising war that will stay with us for a year to come.

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