GTA 6 Release Date Rumors, News, and Speculation: Everything You Need to Know

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Rockstar Games is a famous video game company, known for making the popular game series called Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Many people all over the world love these games, and they are excited for the next one to come out, which will be called GTA 6. Although the company hasn’t officially announced when it will be released or what it will be like, there are a lot of rumors and speculations going around in the gaming community. In this article, we will talk about some of these rumors and what we might expect from the upcoming game.


The last Grand Theft Auto game, GTA 5, was released in 2013, and ever since then, fans have been eagerly anticipating the next game in the series. Despite the developers, Rockstar Games, keeping their plans for the game under wraps, people who love playing video games are still talking and guessing about when the new game will be released, what the story will be, where it will take place, and other details about the game.

Previous GTA Games Release Dates

Before we start talking about the rumors and information that has been leaked about the next Grand Theft Auto game, GTA 6, let’s first take a look at when the previous games in the series were released.

  • GTA 1: 1997
  • GTA 2: 1999
  • GTA 3: 2001
  • GTA Vice City: 2002
  • GTA San Andreas: 2004
  • GTA 4: 2008
  • GTA 5: 2013

As we can see, there is no fixed pattern or timeline for the release of GTA games. However, there is usually a gap of 3-5 years between each game.

Rumors and Leaks About GTA 6

There are a lot of rumors and leaks about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, GTA 6, all over the internet. While it’s important to keep in mind that most of these are unconfirmed and not reliable, they do give us an idea of what people who love playing the game are hoping to see in the new version.

Setting and Map

One of the most thrilling rumors about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, GTA 6, is that it might have multiple cities to play in, such as Vice City (inspired by Miami), Liberty City (inspired by New York), and a brand new location based on Rio de Janeiro. This would be a big change from previous games, which usually only had one main city to play in.

Other rumors suggest that the game’s map will be even bigger than the one in GTA 5 and that players will be able to explore underwater areas and even venture into space. People are also guessing that the game might take place in different eras, like the 1970s or 1980s.

Storyline and Characters

There’s another big rumor going around about GTA 6 that says the game might have a female main character, which would be a first for the series. Other rumors suggest that, like in GTA 5, there will be multiple playable characters, and the game’s story will be more serious and less funny than previous games.

Some fans think that the game will take place in a made-up version of Brazil, and that the player will be a drug kingpin. Others are guessing that there might be a political storyline in the game, where players would take on corrupt politicians and businesses.

Gameplay and Mechanics

There are a few rumors going around about the gameplay and how things will work in GTA 6. One of the most interesting ones is that the game might have a much smarter AI system for the non-player characters, which would give them their own schedules and behaviors. This could make the game world feel more like a real, living place that the player is a part of it.

Other rumors suggest that the driving and flying mechanics in the game will be more realistic, with better physics and more realistic damage modeling. People are also guessing that there might be a new system for combat, with more options for hand-to-hand fighting and customizing weapons.

Multiplayer and Online Features

GTA Online has been hugely popular for Rockstar Games, and a lot of fans are hoping that GTA 6 will have even more multiplayer and online features. Some rumors are going around that the game will have a much bigger online world, with room for more players and more things to do with your friends.

There are also rumors that GTA 6 might have a battle royale mode, like Fortnite or PUBG. Some people are even saying that the game will have a new and improved system for modding, which would make it easier for players to create and share their own content.

Confirmed News About GTA 6

Although most of the details about GTA 6 are just rumors and guesses, Rockstar Games has actually shared a few bits of confirmed information.

Development and Production

Rockstar Games announced in May 2020 that they were creating “new updates and content” for GTA Online, but didn’t reveal any details about GTA 6. However, in January 2021, it was reported that they had been putting more effort into developing the next game in the series.

Moreover, Rockstar Games has been recruiting professionals for different game development roles, such as character artists, animators, and environment artists, which suggests that the company is still actively working on the game.

Release Date and Platforms

Rockstar Games has not provided any official information on the release date for GTA 6, leaving fans uncertain about when they can expect it. However, many are hopeful for a 2023 or 2024 release. Additionally, there are rumors that the game will be announced on May 17, 2023.

There is also speculation about which platforms GTA 6 will be available on. Some fans hope that the game will be released for next-gen consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, while others believe it may be exclusive to PC and next-gen consoles, bypassing current-gen consoles.


GTA 6 is a game that has created a lot of excitement among fans, and people are eagerly waiting for any information or updates about the game. Although most of the information about the game is still based on rumors and speculation, there have been some confirmed news updates that provide us with a glimpse of what to expect from the game.

Based on the rumors and leaks, it seems that GTA 6 will be quite different from previous games in the series, with multiple cities, a female protagonist, and a more serious storyline. There are also rumors about more advanced AI, better physics and combat systems, and more robust multiplayer and online features.

It is unclear when we can expect to get our hands on GTA 6, but until then, we can continue to speculate and look forward to what is sure to be another groundbreaking game from Rockstar Games.


  1. It’s not clear if GTA 6 will be available on current-gen consoles or not, as there’s no official announcement from Rockstar Games. However, rumors suggest that it might not be available on these consoles.
  2. It’s a major rumor that the upcoming game might feature a female protagonist, but Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed it yet.
  3. There’s no official release date for GTA 6, but fans are hoping for a launch in 2023 or 2024.
  4. According to rumors, the game might have multiple cities, including Vice City, Liberty City, and a new location inspired by Rio de Janeiro.
  5. It’s a rumor that GTA 6 might have a battle royale mode, but there’s no confirmation from Rockstar Games yet.

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