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Alan Wake 2 has taken the internet by storm and garnered a lot of attention due to its overwhelmingly positive reviews. Streamers and critics alike are praising the game, particularly for its engaging gameplay and thrilling horror elements. This time, the difficulty level has been kicked up a notch, with the dark units proving to be even more formidable than the previous installment.

As a result, players will feel that a strategic, well-thought-out approach is necessary rather than a hasty approach. The inventory management system will be important in Alan Wake 2, as players will need to collect various items to overcome the game’s challenges.

With limited storage space, they must use caution and precision to successfully navigate the dangerous terrain of Bright Falls. This article provides useful techniques to expand storage capacity in Alan Wake 2.

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How to increase inventory space in Alan Wake 2

alan wake 2 offer two different playable campaigns: One starring Alan Wake and the other starring Saga Andersson. While their stories are interconnected, their gameplay styles are different.

To expand storage capacity, Saga Anderson relies on huts, and some of them can be found in Cult Stashes scattered throughout her campaign. In contrast, Alan Wake only has access to one enhancement, which is obtained through a unique Word of Stuff perk.

Alan Wake

a benefit called "Word of Stuff: Magic Pocket."  (Image via Remedy Entertainment)
A perk called “Word of Stuff: Magic Pocket”. (Image via Remedy Entertainment)

When? Taking on the role of Alan Wake, there is only one available way to expand his inventory capacity, which is through a perk called “Word of Stuff: Magic Pocket”. Unlike Saga, there is no need to actively search for items like the satchel in Alan’s campaign.

In Chapter 5 of Deeksha Khandproceed to room 665 inside Oceanview Hotel Ballroom, Illuminate the area above the bar counter with a light source. Upon doing so, you will encounter a specific object known as a glyph.

Glyphs in Alan Wake 2 are categorized and serve to enhance your equipment and abilities when playing as Alan. They are called “Word of Power Glyphs”, of which the “Word of Stuff” is the rarest.

saga anderson

Chapter 2: Return (Heart)

Head to Cauldron Lake General Store (Image via Remedy Entertainment)
Head to Cauldron Lake General Store (Image via Remedy Entertainment)

Chapter 2: In Return (The Heart), You Must Make Your Way Out Cauldron Lake General Store, you will see this place again second chapter of the saga, and this is also where you will encounter your initial opponent. To find this bag, look into the small room where the enemy came from; It is located near some office cabinets.

Chapter: After the Return 2 (The Heart)

Check out some brambles (Image via Remedy Entertainment)
Check out some brambles (Image via Remedy Entertainment)

The second bag can be located in Chapter: After Return 2 (The Heart), specifically Cauldron Lead Coast, After successfully completing the initial overlap encounter, saga and casey You will meet an acquaintance on the beach.

To find the Cult Stash, simply follow the eastern shoreline and look for some brambles that you can crawl under. The Stash has a set of illuminated buttons that need to be pressed in the correct order. Completing this task will grant you additional inventory upgrades.

Chapter: After the Return 5 (The Old Gods)

Chapter: After 5 Returns in Alan Wake 2 (Image via Remedy Entertainment)
Chapter: After 5 Returns in Alan Wake 2 (Image via Remedy Entertainment)

You’ll see an additional inventory enhancement in Chapter: After Return 5 (Old Gods). Make sure you have bolt cutters, which can be obtained by successfully completing Overlap Encounter at Bright Falls,

back to main road and use bolt cutters To open the gate that leads to the building marked with the seafood symbol. Inside the small hut, you’ll find a Cult Stash with puzzles related to water levels and ships. The code to unlock it is 6-9-7. Upon solving the puzzle, you will be rewarded with another inventory upgrade.

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