How to unlock and defeat the hidden boss Culex

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The Super Mario RPG remake still includes a classic Final Fantasy IV reference: the Culex! A 2-D entity from another dimension, he claims to fight for the Dark Mage – possibly a reference to Golbez or Zeromus. His dialogue also alludes to Final Fantasy, and his music is the “Boss Battle Theme” from the same game.

Although he is a superboss and easily the hardest challenge in the game, he didn’t feel as difficult in this iteration of the game.

Whether the characters in Super Mario RPG Remake are stronger due to team-up moves or simply having higher stats, Culex can be bested with a little bit of work. He’s still a worthy foe, but he doesn’t feel as powerful as he did in the original game.

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Here’s how you unlock this enemy and what you need to do to overcome his power.

How to Find Culex in Super Mario RPG Remake

Finding Culex is the easy part;  It's very hard to best him (image via Nintendo)
Finding Culex is the easy part; It’s very hard to best him (image via Nintendo)

Finding Culex in Super Mario RPG Remake is as easy as it gets original game, However, this is something that you will have to work out of your way to do. Once you get to Monstro Town, you’ll find a locked door.

When ready, return to Moleville, go to the northwestern house, and buy fireworks for 500 coins. Then, take them outside to a group of boxes. You will see a young mole there who will trade with you shiny stone For fireworks. Do so, and return to Monstro Town.

At this point interacting with the door in Super Mario RPG Remake opens the door. You can go inside and Culex will challenge you to a battle. However, you can say no. Agreeing will trigger a cutscene and battle with the most powerful boss in the game.

Before you agree to this fight, I recommend having gear that helps you protect against elemental attacks like the Protection Ring, Jinx Belt, and Attack Scarves. I recommend that your party be at least level 20 before challenging them.

How to beat Culex in Super Mario RPG Remake

Culex is level 20 and has 4,096 HP, down from 4,500 in the original game. He is not alone either. He has a quartet of elemental crystals, which are immune to their own element and weak to their opposites: weak to wind bounce and immune to thunder; Earth, on the other hand, is weak to thunder, and immune to tossing. The same applies for fire and water crystals.

Personally, I either have Mario, Mallow, and Xeno in the game, or Mario, Mallow, and Bowser. Then, when AoE healing is needed, I swap third person for Peach to use Group Hug. I love having Bowser for the Culex battles in Super Mario RPG, mainly for the awesome power of the Clown Car team-up.

This boss is tough, but can be overcome (image via Nintendo)
This boss is tough, but can be overcome (image via Nintendo)

It can deal about 700 damage to all crystals, and since it is a multi-element attack, it can trigger the weaknesses of almost everything in the game. It’s powerful and definitely useful in this dangerous boss fight.

Since the enemy makes several attacks in a round, be sure to prepare and maintain them Timed Hit/Defense As close to time as possible. However, some abilities cannot be countered – but the game will tell you.

Status ailments are deadly in this fight (image via Nintendo)
Status ailments are deadly in this fight (image via Nintendo)

I recommend defeating the Earth and Wind Crystals first if possible; The ailments associated with his condition are incredibly frustrating. If you’ve stocked up on any Rock Candy items, it’s a battle to use them up. Otherwise, use the Ultra Fireball (Mario), Star Rain (Mallow), and Clown Car Barrage triple moves when possible.

You can also go the classic route of Geno boosting Mario and using jumps/melee while keeping Peach on top with heels. Both strategies are solid choices. You’ll really want to defeat the Crystals before focusing on Culex, though, due to the extra damage they provide.

While the crystals are dangerous, the boss itself has some incredibly powerful spells: Flame Stone, Dark Star, and especially Meteor Blast. Also, Shredder removes your party buffs (including your assist buffs), so be careful with that as well.

Lazy Shell is out of the way, but it's a must-have (image via Nintendo)
Lazy Shell is out of the way, but it’s a must-have (image via Nintendo)

Ultimately, if you want to win this fight there is a great way to win it. Give Princess Peach a Lazy Shell, and let her heal until the Super Mario RPG Remake Superboss runs out of flower points. Then, you can safely defeat it as it has no physical attacks.

Your reward for winning this Super Mario RPG Remake battle will be the Quartz Charm, which prevents instant defeat, halves the damage taken from incoming enemy attacks, and increases 50% of all attacks used by the character. adds up. This is the best accessory in the game.

Culex is the most powerful boss in Super Mario RPG Remake, but he can be defeated with some preparation and effort. If you want to know other secrets, such as forest maze treasurewe’ve got you covered.

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