Mind-blowing animation shows the speed of the International Space Station

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The movement of the International Space Station is shown through amazing animation.

Space is usually where you’ll see this craft, but sometimes you can see and track it even at low altitudes on Earth.

The International Space Station continues to fly regularly around the world classes We.

But what does it look like up close?

A video posted on YouTube can give you a good idea.

Channel Airplane Mode releases animated footage ISS Flyby and it’s incredible to see.

From this video, you can see exactly what the station sees, and it’s an amazing sight.

Commentators were surprised while writing their views on this ISS,

One person jokingly typed, highlighting the speed: “We should all be grateful for the bravery of the astronauts who courageously flew the ISS at such low altitudes to give us this amazing footage.”

Another was amazed by its speed: “If you can see it at night, it’s really amazing how fast it goes from horizon to horizon.”

It also gave rise to some philosophical ideas about humanity and universe,

Someone wrote: “This makes me appreciate the size of the Earth even more. The fact that the mountains are only in frame for a fraction of a second and it would take an hour and a half for this video to complete one cycle is crazy to me. We are very small.”

The International Space Station is impressively fast.  Credit: Airplane Mode/Youtube
The International Space Station is impressively fast. Credit: Airplane Mode/Youtube

While another said: “Next you will tell me that the Sun actually has the face of a happy baby and that our true overlords are the Teletubbies.”

If you haven’t seen the ISS before, another person had some tips to share, writing: “For anyone unaware, you can see the ISS at night near your location from time to time. All you have to do is look at the ISS fly by and then type (near your location) on two consecutive days, I was lucky enough to see the satellite and ISS at a distance of 2 minutes. There are also lives of many speaking astronauts in space, they sometimes even say hello to you. Honestly, it’s pretty cool.

“Forgot to mention that this happened the 3rd time the spacecraft was flying with a satellite about a month later and we started seeing a bunch of random stars, turns out there was a meteor shower at the same time and about 3 more satellites Ud gaye the (I would definitely avoid getting hit by a meteor).”

But really, the video would make a great bedtime watch, as one user pointed out: “I’d really watch the 3 hour version where it circles the Earth twice with some cool ambient music.”

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