Modern Warfare III’ PlayStation Beta Final Impressions

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my final impression excerpt modern warfare iii Beta was quite harsh, I agree. After a few more hours with the game over the weekend, it’s grown on me somewhat, though I still have a long list of complaints. I know it’s a beta, but it’s only been betaing a few weeks before launch, so there really isn’t much that can be fixed before release.

We come straight to the point of firing the gun, which had two main concerns in my previous article: recoil and sound design. I’m starting to think that sound design is actually the more serious of the two. Sledgehammer has definitely improved visual replayability and cleaned up visual noise. Modern Warfare II. At first, I expressed concern that they went too far in terms of making the guns recoil-free, but after spending more time with the game I think it’s not as big of an issue as I first thought.

However, the sound design remains extremely problematic and unsatisfactory. Infinity Ward did such an excellent job with the gunshot effects in both modern war 2019 and modern warfare ii, This seems like a big step in the wrong direction. All the guns look fake and sharp, like we were shooting toy guns or airsoft guns at each other. There is very little difference between one gun and another.

what makes it so much Duty A satisfying shooter lies in its sound design, I’m honestly not sure why Activision hasn’t created some kind of standard between studios to ensure that each game sounds at least as good as the last. Why not just use Infinity Ward’s sound design? Modern Warfare III? I think this would make the sound of the gun all around feel much better.

There’s one more sound-related gripe I need to mention, even though it’s not as big of a deal as the gunshot sound effects: the Guardian-SC killstreak. This is a device that you can set up in hallways or at points to obstruct the enemy’s approach. It’s actually like a high-powered fan that pushes air and sound in a cone in front of itself, slowing and stunning any enemy players walking in front of it.

It’s a cool concept but the downside is that it’s loud and annoying. va-va-va Sonic and I have been in matches where four of them were deployed at the same time, and new ones were constantly dropping. On a small map like Rust, this means you can hear them constantly. wa wa wa-ing, This is really horrible and I really hope Sledgehammer updates the game to drastically reduce the amount of these things.

Spawns remain quite poorly maintained, with players from both teams often spawning right next to each other, and other issues such as hit detection have plagued the beta. Some guns appear to be completely broken. I’ve seen plenty of footage of players firing full clips at the enemy and no bullets falling off.

As far as maps go, I quite like Skidrow and Rust, Favela is ok and Estate is pretty crappy, but these are all old maps with shiny new coats of paint on them, so not much to say about any of them Needless to say.

I also think the time-to-kill (TTK) is a bit high, but that’s just because I prefer faster TTKs. It’s just a personal choice and I know a lot of players feel differently, which is okay.

Movement felt better after playing more, and I’m wondering if I originally had a bug that forced me into a tack-stance every time I slid, since that’s no longer happening all the time.

One of the biggest issues at the moment is visibility. When? modern warfare ii The players launched did not have colored diamonds on their heads making it very difficult to differentiate between the teams. They fixed it and now it’s absolutely fine. The sledgehammer has retained the diamonds and player nameplates, but they are exceptionally difficult to see. The nameplates are smaller and more faded/transparent, and also have colored diamonds indicating which team the player is on. Different modern warfare ii, Enemy and ally footprints also look exactly the same, giving you even fewer ways to differentiate between friend and foe. This is quite disappointing.

That all said, I’m still enjoying it modern warfare iii The beta and I’m excited to try it out on PC this coming weekend, but even with some improvements in speed around the edges it still feels like a step backwards. I don’t really think we need to return to the classic mini-map and I think Dead Silence as a field upgrade is better game design than a perk, but I realize both of those stances are controversial and divisive. (As my preference is a quick TTK).

Thankfully, some of these issues are being addressed in time for this upcoming weekend’s beta, specifically operator visibility, slide timing, and spawn:

More impressions will be available soon when the second beta weekend begins. As of right now I’m completely optimistic that it will still be a fun game, but not convinced that it shouldn’t just be DLC. Modern Warfare II. What are your thoughts?

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