‘Starfield’ lead quest designer leaves Bethesda to work on ‘Wyrdsong’

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Will Shane, Lead Search Designer Starfieldleft it bethesda softworks attend some wicked games in his first game wiredsong,

Shane has been with Bethesda since the 2008 post-apocalyptic shooter fallout 3And since then it has been credited on the likes of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, fallout 4And Starfield,

Shane’s next step is Something Wicked Games, which was founded by ex-Bethesda project lead Jeff Gardiner and includes several Controversy Experienced. Currently working on the studio wiredsongwas a “highly ambitious” role-playing game Announced at Gamescom 2022,

“Very excited to announce that I have joined Something Wicked Games,” Shane wrote, “I will be working with an incredible group of roleplaying game developers, and it’s amazing to think that we have such legends at Bethesda, obsidianAnd bioware All in one team.”

talking to game makerShane revealed that his role wiredsong Work will be done to bridge Something Wicked’s narrative and design teams.

related to wiredsongLast year, Gardiner told pc gamer The game is a “dark, unnatural, semi-historical open world RPG set in Middle Ages Portugal”.

Additionally, Gardiner listed from softwarehit of 2022 alden ring as a “big inspiration” for Wiredsong, and acknowledged that so many ex-Controversy Developers will have their own influence.

“I think the focus is on the lessons, not the setting and themes Controversy, but the RPG nature of those games,” he shared. “‘There are choices and consequences’ is an easy thing to say. But we want to make sure that the player feels the lessons that we took from those games, in terms of crafting an incredible story, and still give the player the freedom to make their own decisions and engage within that story. Is it or not.”

A release date for wiredsong This has not been confirmed yet, as the game is still in the early stages of development.

In other gaming news, Bethesda publishing head Pete Hines has also announced his departure. From the company.

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