STM Goods introduces mindful Focus Collection for iPhone

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STM Goods has announced the launch of its latest product line, the Focus Collection Phone Cases. This announcement comes with the launch of the latest iPhone 15, these premium phone cases have been specifically designed with this new smartphone in mind.

But this is no everyday phone case collection. The Focus Collection, which includes the Relax, Reawaken and Reveal cases, is designed to promote mindfulness, improve focus and restore personal well-being. These cases offer a variety of design elements including tactile materials, cool color palettes, and interactive features to keep users connected to the present. Furthermore, these cases are made of impact-resistant, high-quality materials designed for comfort and everyday durability.

Ethan Nyholm, CEO of STM Goods, spoke enthusiastically about the new product line, “At STM Goods, we’re not just about protecting your phone. We’re about making your life better. With technology playing an increasingly invasive role in our lives, we saw the need for a solution that would help users regain their sense of self and focus. We are extremely proud to bring these visionary phone cases to market. They not only protect your device; They protect your mental well-being.”

The unique phone cases from the Focus collection have many features. Each case has built-in interactive elements such as stress-relieving textures, moving sand and heat-responsive images that encourage tactile interaction and focus. The design is elegant, minimalist and clutter-free, capturing the essence of mindfulness. For iPhone 15 users, these cases provide full access to all ports and buttons without compromising on style or material.

STM Goods is renowned for creating innovative accessories for Apple and Microsoft users, such as the award-winning Rugged Ducks Case for iPad and Surface, the innovative Ducks Backpack and the compact 3-1 ChargeTree Charging Stand. The Australian-founded company remains the global leader, selling products at retail locations such as Apple Stores around the world. His guiding principle is “the smartest.”

The Focus cases will be available for purchase starting September 22 via the STM Goods website as well as select retail partners.

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