Twitch will allow simulcasting to competitor streaming platforms

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Twitch will now allow its users to stream simultaneously to other live video sites. was announced In Las Vegas, as soon as this new one drops , The company stressed that simulcasting is allowed on other platforms as long as “the Twitch user experience is not compromised.”

Back in August, Twitch relaxed its rules on cross-streaming, allowing channels to display their live content across social media apps And Instagram. In terms of which new competing services are now kosher, Twitch’s language is broad – citing that “any service” is on the table. It appears that the only exceptions are channels that have signed exclusivity contracts with Twitch.

The new approach of simulcasting could hurt company profits. If a live streaming platform wants more entertainers, why allow users to take their content elsewhere? The move may be a response to several big-name streamers And With competitors in the field – especially YouTube. This is pure speculation, but perhaps handing additional revenue streams to creators with no strings attached could be enough to keep the major players on board, and medium-sized streamers could be happier with their income.

Twitch has been attempting to update policies across the board to keep both its users and investors happy. The company attempted to address only off-platform And it has also been tampered with Who can moderate the chat. It also introduced new features borrowed from other social media companies, And ,

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