Valve Announces Steam Deck OLED

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Finally, Valve has revealed the first major update to its Steam Deck handheld gaming device with Steam Deck OLED.

The upgrade replaces the current Steam Deck’s 7-inch screen with an improved 7.4-inch HDR OLED screen that offers brighter colors, deeper darks, and better low-light visuals.

That’s not all though, as the two new OLED models will feature a 30-50% increase in battery life, an updated AMD APU, Wi-Fi 6E support, and a larger fan that makes the new systems “cooler and lighter.”

The 64GB and 512GB versions of the current LCD models are being phased out and replaced by 512Gb and 1Tb OLED models priced at $549 and $649. The remaining 256GB LCD model will become the lowest-tier option available for $399.

Pre-orders for the Steam Deck OLED begin on November 16th. The $679 limited edition Transparent Edition will only be made available in North America.

They also hint that the actual ‘Steam Deck 2’ is in development but is still a few years away as product designer Lawrence Yang explains bloomberg They’re currently waiting for a ‘next generation power upgrade’ in the works – which won’t be available until “two or three years from now”.

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