‘We call it the naughty room’

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By Shania O’Brien for Daily Mail Australia

23:12 06 November 2023, updated 23:12 06 November 2023

A Woolworths employee has shared one of the supermarket giant’s best-kept secrets – the purpose of a ‘hidden’ room dubbed the ‘naughty corner’.

Liam Kirley, from new South WalesHas worked at Woolworths for almost six years.

which he recently shared Most shoppers don’t realize that every store has a secret area Behind the milk fridge to help workers keep stock up.

The hidden room allows workers to seamlessly stack milk shelves at the back, causing minimal disturbance to customers.

Liam shared a video of him visiting the ‘naughty room’ – the name given to workers whose least favorite job is to refill popular purchases.

‘I’m here at Woolworths to show how our milk fridges work,’ he said in the clip. ‘It’s very impressive, believe me.

‘People may think we stock the fridge in advance, but we don’t.

‘It’s behind the milk fridge doors. And when we’re going to put stuff in the fridge, we put the milk on a shelf and let it slide down.’

An employee shared that the room’s funny name came from their store.

‘My Woolies milk fridge is called the naughty corner because everyone hates milk,’ he said.

A Woolworths employee has shared one of the supermarket’s best-kept secrets – the purpose of a ‘hidden’ room called ‘naughty corner’

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Many buyers were surprised to see that little-known room.

‘Wow, I never knew this!’ ‘This is amazing,’ one woman said.

‘This is brilliant – I wish my fridge at home did this too,’ said another.

But some came to know.

‘This is why I always take milk from the back – long expiry date!’ A woman shared.

‘Sometimes I look at people there, I think I’m not crazy!’ One said.

Another wrote: ‘I’m surprised everyone doesn’t know this.’

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